Rhinoplasty Gubisch Instruments Set FWI-56-119-67

Rhinoplasty Gubisch Instruments Set FWI-56-119-67



Scalpel Blades #15 – Sterile Blade 1
Scalpel Handle #7 1
Surgical Operating Scissors 13cm Straight – Sharp/Blunt 1
Mayo Stille T.C. Operating Scissors 17cm Curved 1
Reynolds Jameson Scissors 14cm Curved – With Fine Rounded Points 1
Adson T.C. Tissue Forceps 12cm 1
Micro Adson Forceps 12cm 1×2 Teeth – 0.8mm Tips 1
Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps 12cm 7×7 Teeth Straight – Atraumatic 1
Dressing Forceps 20cm Modified Swedish Pattern 1
Nelson Tissue Forceps 15cm 1
Gruenwald Jansen Nasal Dressing Bayonet Forceps 16cm Serrated 1
Gubisch T.C. Needle Holder 12.5cm Extra Fine 1
Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder 15cm 1
Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps 12.5cm Curved 1
Leriche Artery Forceps 15cm 1×2 Teeth Straight 1
Pean Hemostatic Forceps 14cm Straight 1
Backhaus Towel Clamp 13cm 1
Buchwald Tongue Spatula 18cm 18x23mm 1
Gross Dressing Forceps 20cm Curved With Catch Box Lock 1
Barsky Skin Hook 15cm Single Prong Sharp 1
Joseph Delicate Retractor 17cm 2 Prong 5mm Sharp 1
Guthrie Double Retractor Hook 13cm Sharp 1
Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight 1
Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors 17cm Curved 1
Supercut Plus Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors 18cm Curved 1
Supercut Plus Kelly T.C. Scissors 16cm Curved 1
Langenbeck Bone Elevator 20cm 7mm Blunt 1
Freer Raspatory 19cm 5/5mm Double Ended Sharp / Sharp 1
Williger Raspatory 16cm 5mm Sharp 1
Mckenty Raspatory 15cm 4mm Sharp Light Curve 1
Supercut Heymann Nasal Scissors 18cm 1
Supercut Plus Fomon T.C. Dorsal Scissors 13cm Angular 1
Mallet 26cm Novotex Plastic 240 Grams 45mm Diameter 1
Round Bowl For Solutions 40x20mm 20cc 1
Round Bowl For Solutions/Marking Color 60x30mm 60cc 1
Round Bowl For Solutions 80x40mm 160cc 1
Round Bowl For Solutions 110x55mm 400cc 1
Castroviejo Caliper 7cm 20mm Measuring Range 1
Desmarres Lid Retractor #2 14cm Medium 10x14mm 1
Killian Asept Nasal Speculum #4 90mm (Modified) 1
Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #3 120mm Shaft 4.2mm 1
Freer Septum Knife (Mucosa Scalpel) 16cm 1
Cottle Nasal Speculum Delicate 15cm 55mm 1
Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide And Bypass Hole 20cm 4mm 1
Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide 17cm 4mm 1
Cartilage Cutting Block Teflon 85x55x10mm 1
Gubisch Cartilage Crusher 65x30mm 1
Gubisch Kilner Double Nasal Hook (Alar Retractor) 8cm Sharp 5x10mm 1
Gubisch Aufricht Nasal Retractor 17cm 50×6-12mm 1
Cottle Gubisch Chisel 18cm 5mm Graduated Hollow Cut 1
Cottle Gubisch Chisel 18cm 12mm Graduated Hollow Cut 1
Gubisch Osteotome 18.5cm 3mm Aluminium Handle 1
Fanous Osteotome 19.5cm 4mm Straight With Guide Thorn 1) 1
Caplan Nasal Septum Scissors 20cm Serrated 1
Gubisch Fomon T.C. Nasal Rasp 20cm 1
Rubin T.C. Septal Morselizer Forceps 20cm With Protective Guard 1


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