Facelift Set-B FWI-61-115-89

Facelift Set-B FWI-61-115-89



Adson Dressing Forcep TC 12cm 2
Allis Forceps 15cm 5×6 teeth 4
Facelift SuperCut Scissors 16.5cm Curved 2
Face Lift SuperCut Scissors 20.5cm Curved 2
Backhaus Towel Forceps 9cm 4
Adson Brown 7×7 Forcep Tc 12cm 1
Adson Brown 7×7 Forcep TC 15cm 2
Crile Forceps Curved 16cm 3
Crow Coagation Insulated Forcep TC 23cm 3
Gillies Skin Hook 18cm 3
Halstead Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm 8
Halstead Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm 1×2 teeth 4
Adson Horton 12cm TC 1×2 teeth 2
Adson Horton 15cm Tc 1×2 teeth 1
Knife Handle #3 2
Knife Handle #4 2
Light Weight Straight Skin Hook 15cm Delicate 3
Mayo SuperCut Scissors 17 cm Curved 1
Metzenbaum Delicate SuperCut Scissors 18 cm Curved 1
Nasal Tip Retractor 11cm 8mm 1
PAR Needle Holder 11.5cm TC 4
Pitanguy Flap Grasping Forceps 14cm 1
Ribbon Iris Scissors 9cm Curved 1
Ruler 15cm 1
Senn Double-Ended Blunt Retractor 1
Senn Double-Ended Sharp Retractor 1
Stevens Tenotomy SuperCut Scissors 11.5 cm Curved 1


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