Face & Forehead Lift Set FWI-19-113-98

Face & Forehead Lift Set FWI-19-113-98



Scalpel Blades #15 – Sterile, 100/Box 1
Scalpel Handle, #7 1
Micro Adson Forceps 12cm 1×2 Teeth – 0.8mm Tips 1
Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps 12cm 7×7 Teeth Straight – Atraumatic 1
Select Tissue Forceps 20cm 1×2 Teeth – Extremely Fine 1
Nagata T.C. Needle Holder 12.5cm Extra Fine 1
Baby Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder 15cm 1
Backhaus Towel Clamp 8.5cm 1
Gillies Dura And Skin Retractor Hook 19cm Small 1
Joseph Delicate Retractor 17cm 2 Prong 5mm Sharp 1
Iris Supercut Scissors 12.5cm Curved 1
Supercut Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight 1
Gold Tip Supercut Scissors 20cm Curved Slight Bevel On Shank 1
Gold Tip Supercut Scissors 20cm Curved Strong Bevel On Shank 1
Farabeuf Baby Retractors 12cm Double Ended Set Of 2 1
Walter Retractor 19cm 4 Prongs 38mm 1
Langenbeck Kocher Retractor #13 15mm Wide X 80mm Deep 21cm 1
Solz Racket Retractor 12.5cm 45x100mm 1
Pitanguy Facelift Marker 16cm 5mm Wide 1


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