Breast Augmentation Set-C FWI-31-110-95

Breast Augmentation Set-C FWI-31-110-95



Adson dissecting forceps 1×2 teeth straight 12.5cm 1
Adson dissecting forceps serrated straight 12.5cm 1
Baby crile needle holder 15cm TC 1
Czerny Double Ended Retractor 17.5cm 2
Deavers retractor 25x305mm 1
Dressing scissors Sharp/Sharp straight 14.5cm 1
Fiber Optic Cable 1
Gillies skin hook large 18cm 2
Halstead mosquito forcep curved 12.5cm 4
Barsky Skin Hook 15cm Sharp 2
Langenbeck retractor 65x12mm 21cm 1
Littlewood tissue forcep 18.5cm 2
Mayo scissor straight 14cm 1
Mayo scissors Curved 17cm 1
Metzenbaum scissors curved Supercut 18cm 1
Tebbetts retractor with fiber Optic light Guide 80 x 16mm 1
monopolar cable 3m length 4mm pin 4.8mm dia 1
Rampley Sponge holder forcep straight 24cm 2
Roberts artery forceps 23cm 2
scalpel handle no 3 1
Spencer wells artery forceps straight 18cm 2


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