Breast Augmentation Set-B FWI-47-109-94

Breast Augmentation Set-B FWI-47-109-94



Scalpel Handle No. #3 1
Halsted Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm 4
Metzenbaum Scissors Supercut 18cm Curved 2
Gorney Freeman Scissors Supercut curved 23cm 1
Mayo Scissors 18cm straight 2
Iris Scissors TC straight 11.5cm 2
Yankauer Suction Tube 28cm 1
Frazier Suction Tube 12 FR 2
Adson Dressing Forceps 12cm 2
Adson Tissue & Suture Forceps 1×2 teeth with tying platform 2
Brown-Adson Forceps 9×9 teeth 12cm 2
Tissue Forceps 1×2 teeth 15cm 1
Dressing Forceps serrated 15cm 1
Freeman Areola Marker 38mm 1
Freeman Areola Marker 42mm 1
Freeman Areola Marker 45mm 1
Freeman Areola Marker 50mm 1
McKissock Breast Marker 38mm Keyhole pattern 1
McKissock Breast Marker 42mm Keyhole pattern 1
McKissock Breast Marker 45mm Keyhole pattern 1
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder TC 16cm 1
Webster Needle Holder TC smooth jaws 13cm 1
Halsey Needle Holder TC smooth jaws 14cm 1
McKissock Mammaplasty Caliper 1
Stainless Steel Ruler 15cm 1
Tebbetts Spatulated Breast Dissector 33cm 1
Silverstein Breast Dissector 1
Joseph Hook sharp 5mm 16cm 2
Senn Muller Retractor Insulated sharp 1
US Army Retractor set of 2 Insulated 1
Freeman Retractor 4 prong 38mm 2
Pediatric Ribbon Retractor malleable 1
Ferreira Fiber Optic Retractor 150x25mm Insulated 1
Deaver Fiber Optic Retractor 1
Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor 150x25mm Insulated 1


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