Blepharoplasty Set-C FWI-24-106-73

Blepharoplasty Set-C FWI-24-106-73



Gillies Delicate Retractor 19cm 2
Joseph Skin Hook 16cm 2mm Double Prong Sharp 2
Desmarres Lid retractor 9x12mm 13 cm 1
Scalpel handle No #3 12.5cm 1
Jaeger Lid Plate Stainless Steel 1
Mayo Scissors Straight T.C 14.5cm 1
Steven Delicate scissors curved sharp 11.5cm 1
Neivert Needle holders smooth 12.5cm 1
Halsted Mosquito Hemostatic forceps curved 12.5cm 4
Backhaus Towel clamp 8.5cm 2
Micro Adson Delicate forceps Tissue 1×2 teeth 12cm 1
Micro Adson Delicate forceps Tissue 1×2 teeth 15cm 1
Castroviejo Calipers Measuring Range 20mm 7cm 1
Castroviejo Needle Holder 14cm 1
Castroviejo Scissors 14cm 1
Putterman Eyelid Clamp 1
Gladstone Transmarginal Clamp 1
Berke Ptosis Froscep 12 cm 1


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