Abdominoplasty Set (Tummy Tuck) FWI-31-101-23

Abdominoplasty Set (Tummy Tuck) FWI-31-101-23



Ruler Stainless 1
Knife Handle No #3 1
Halsted Mosquito Forceps Curved 12.5cm 4
Mayo-Hegar Tc Needle Holder 16cm 2
Webster Tc Needle Holder Plain Tip 12.5cm 1
Adson Tissue Forceps 1×2 teeth With Cross Serrated 12cm 2
Joseph Hook Sharp Double Prong 10mm 2
Mayo Scissors Straight 14cm Tc 1
Gorney Freeman Scissors TC Curved 23cm 1
Metzenbaum Scissors SuperCut Curved 15cm 1
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Supercut Curved 11.5cm 1
Lahey Forceps 3×3 teeth 16cm 3
Allis Tissue Forceps 5×6 teeth 16cm 2
Adson Brown 9×9 Teeth 12cm 1
Us Army Retractor 2/set 1
Tissue Forceps 1×2 teeth 15cm 1
Iris Scissors Tc 10cm 1
Yancoskie Retractor 6 prongs 1
Freeman Retractor 4 prongs 22mm 1
Freeman Retractor 4 prongs 38mm 1
Meyerding Retractor Large 50mm x 90mm 23cm 2
Lockwood Abdominal Demarcator 32cm


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